S&M Products


From the simplest of processes to the most complex, you’ll find brushes wherever products or materials are treated. As the UK’s No 1 brush manufacturers, S & M Products offer quality technological answers to any brush enquiry – whatever the complexity.


For use as paint tester brushes, grease and hoof oil applicators; in fact, whatever the requirement, our range of round and flat applicator brushes come in varying lengths and, with the exception of the 404 series, can be fitted to most of our closures.



Ideal for applying touch-up paint, nail polish and antiseptics, these brushes are available in lengths up to 140mm.



As both brush manufacturers and brush makers, we are able to produce brushes in varying lengths for use in DIY or in the world of hobbies, including tube brushes currently used with a range of products including adhesives, paints and lubricants. These flow-through brushes are designed for a standard M15 thread on a 30mm diameter tube.

For a range of brushes suitable for use in markets from adhesives, lubricants, paints and toys to cosmetics, equestrian, dentistry and pharmaceuticals, S & M Products can be relied upon to meet your requirements as the UK’s No 1 brush manufacturers.